How do we go about creating websites and brands for our clients?

First of all we like to discuss with our clients the objective of the project. Do they want to increase sales on a product, do they want to increase their Google ranking, do they want to improve their image? Once we have set the objective, a brief can be finalised so that the client knows exactly what will be supplied. A quote is then sent and when approved, the job will start.

Initial Ideas – Stage 1
We like to start the design process off with a few ideas in draft form. They might be presented as digital images (visuals) or we may produce drawings and diagrams, in freehand, to communicate where we’re going with the concept. This stage is all about making sure that the client is happy with the direction of the creative. This process needs approval before we start the next process.

Quality visuals – Stage 2
The chosen design route will be fine tuned during this stage. A highly finished visual will be presented. The visual will look like the finished article but there is still a chance to tweak the design elements. Colour, proportions, layout, can all be changed at this stage but it may add extra costs to the job.

Final product presented – Stage 3
This is where the project is completed to a high standard of finish. Correct formats for it’s future use are created, master files are handed over to the client and in case of websites, the design is loaded up onto the web. The design should be what was expected due to the first 2 stages of the process. There is still time to make final changes if considered necessary but further costs could be incurred. The design is archived by Kellaway Design for any future work and also acts as a back-up.

Please have a look around our site and contact us if you wish to discuss any design projects.